Friday, February 2, 2007


It is my third program for pocketpc. It is simple and sudden even for me. While reading firstloox forum, I found that "When you suspend your Fujitsu-Siemens Loox N560 or C550 with power button (with some application executed) and then resume the PDA again, it will consume after resume ~40 mA more power than before!". One suggested to use "Start" button. I tried to discover why "Start" button helped and soon it made clear for me that it was due to a bug in the audio driver! The program is wrotten just to simplify workaround and make it more convenient and not annoying at all. Just install it and forget about mentioned problem. It will prolong your book reading time to about 3 hrs more.

Zipped cab file (3k).
Sources (GPL, 11k).

Check for updates here.

(another program that helps you reduce power consumption (drops 15 ... 40mA) is here)

As usually, you are welcome for feedback.


  1. Thank you for Your program, but link for file server with your program does not work.

    Can you reupload it? Thank You!

  2. The same bug exist on WM 6.1. The same driver binaries? Anyway the same thing fixes it :)

    Many thanks and greetings