Sunday, March 15, 2009

Memory tester for Loox N560/C550

Recently I've created a way to test memory for defects on Fujitsu-Siemens Loox N560/C550. Only one who upgraded (or wants to upgrade) PDA's memory from 64M to 128M needs this utility. Using this "util" it is possible to test memory immediately right after memory has been upgraded, without re-flushing WM5/WM6.

So do the following to test your PDA's memory:
1. Download either (to test 128Mb of memory) or (to test 64Mb of memory).
2. Unpack the downloaded archive onto SD.
3. Insert SD into your Loox and reboot it.
4. Don't let PDA fall asleep, start haret.exe which is in the directory where unpacked the archive to.
5. When haret.exe is started press Run.
6. Read the caution when Linux is booted.
7. Make up your mind and then either press RESET (insert a stylus into a hole on the bottom side of the PDA, if you don't want to test memory) or press enter..
WARNING: Poor memory chips might be damaged during the test (that is why you want to test your PDA's memory, isn't it?). None will be responsible for your actions except yourself!!

Note: You have to press any button during the testing process once per 5 or so minutes.
(In a case you need to port the utility on the other platform (not Loox C550/N560) the only thing you have to do is to replace zImage and modify default.txt to let the linux for your platform boot on the target device).)

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