Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sat Underground

Indeed, there is a sad situation. If you want to watch Pay-TV you are going either to buy smart-card or to find a way to hack it. But you can't just hack it yourself. It is so much sophisticated, you need expensive equipment (card reader at least and card itself) and a HUGE amount of time. On one hand, it is obvious, if information concerning protocols/encryptions has been made public, soon it will be used by geeks to watch TV for free (if they have time for it at all). The number of geeks is vanishingly small and this amount of freebie-junkies doesn't affect a compony's income. Yet on other hand, it reveals ability for people to make illigal-cards and sell them. But it is still hard-core business. So what have we actually? Sadness and grief, that is what we have actually. Groups of commercial hackers fight each other for place under the sun. When one group has made enough money, it publishes algorithm and an EMU. EMUs are made as easy as everybody could use it! It hurts a cash of TV providers and they changes algorithm of encryptions as soon as possible... What can one do alone? The one can start from scratch inventing all wheels along a way of hacking. Or the one can join one of hacker-groups, having his worthy proved. I want to digg inside a new TPS algo, but I don't want to invent old wheels, spending my time :(. Money is evil!

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