Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LooxLight 2007-11-19

I don't know why I didn't write anything about the new version one year ago. But here I am going fix this mistake.

LooxLight is a tool for PDA Fujitsu Siemens C550/N560 (click here to find more information).

In version 2007-11-19 I added a new feature. It was ability to block (turn it off) the device's screen. Before I implemented this feature, I had used wossname program to turn PDA's screen off. But this wossname program had been buggy. So I had decided to implement the same feature in my LooxLight app but make it less buggy. And I implemented it. It allowed me to turn off the screen and block keyboard (including suspend button, that was what no other program could do!). It appeared that with screen turned off, the PDA consumed up to 50mA less battery power. This helped to prolong time I could enjoy music/audiobooks.

Here is the cab file with LooxLight 2007-11-19. Remember that it is for Fujitsu-Siemens Loox C550/N560 and maybe for 720, but I can't give you any guarantee.

How to use. After you have installed LooxLight 2007-11-19, run LooxLight Control and check "Permit blocking" option. Then setup up "Unblock by" keys. Remember, when your PDA is blocked, you will have to press these buttons one after another in order to unblock the PDA. By default these buttons are button 2 and button 4. Then, go to Settings/Button assign "LooxLight Block" to a button that will be used to block PDA. That is it, the configuration is over. Enjoy new feature.

New versions and latest news about LooxLight will be published right here.
Another project helps reduce power consumption on Fujitsu-Siemens Loox N560/C550.


  1. LooxLight does not restore its settings after a soft reset on n560. It doesn't also turn keyboard leds off, like it has been set, when device wakes up. But nice work however :)

    OS. WM6.1

    Greetings and thanks.

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